Why You Should use a Travel Agent, Now More Than Ever

Why You Should use a Travel Agent, Now More Than Ever

Articles in the New York Times and Travel Market Report highlight the recent surge in bookings arranged by Travel Agents. As the Times mentions, consumers are realizing the benefits gained by working with a professional. To save money and enhance the quality of a trip at no cost to you, travelers should look for an adviser from a large consortium like American Express. Because of longstanding partnerships with travel companies and the sheer volume of bookings companies like American Express generate for hotel, airline and cruise partners, they are able to negotiate special rates and perks on behalf of their clients, from free cocktails and room upgrades upon arrival to spa treatments and late checkouts. “The VIP treatment does not come at extra cost,” states Times columnist Michelle Higgens; “travel advisers provide an element of personalization that can’t be offered via an online travel service.”

“The struggle is real,” notes Travel Market Report; “the sheer volume of information consumers must sift through if they’re booking online has turned trip planning into an ordeal!” But, not for an experienced travel agent!

Recently, I was featured as a guest blogger on the LICenter.org website. Click here to read my article on the “Top Twelve Reasons to use a Travel Agent” and see some of the benefits and perks that YOU may be missing out on by NOT using a Travel Agent.


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