Why you need a Travel Agent

In this very digital, internet-driven age, it is easy to believe the need for real live Travel Agents has fallen by the wayside. But the opposite is true. Now that traveling requires constant monitoring of changing requirements, restrictions, and health protocols, it’s more common to waste countless hours searching for travel advice and accurate information, navigating through various websites without making any real progress towards booking a complete trip. And, worst case scenarios can lead to travel scams or failure to deliver the services you have paid for.

Travel is an investment of your time, your money, and your dreams. Don’t leave these dreams to chance. The American Society of Travel Agents notes that travel agents have become trusted advisors, akin to financial advisors, who make the overall travel experience better by helping travelers achieve maximum value for their travel dollar. Working with a travel agent is a collaborative experience – an agent carefully considers budget and travel likes and dislikes to help formulate the type of trip that best suits an individual’s travel style.

Here are just a few of the benefits of working with a Travel Agent:

  • Travel agents will be there to help before, during, and after your journey, and look forward to forging a lifelong relationship with you and your family.
  • Travel agents are travel experts and are especially qualified in assembling multi-destination and multi-generational travel.
  • Travel agents provide peace of mind while you are away, especially during times of emergencies or unforeseen travel disruptions.
  • Travel agents have access to exclusive benefits including room upgrades, VIP status, and special amenities like complimentary breakfast and resort credits.
  • Travel agents use the human touch to design personalized experiences for each unique traveler and create itineraries that match your specific needs.
  • Travel agents cut through the clutter and misinformation spread on the internet.
  • Travel agents read, understand and alert you to the fine print, especially related to health requirements, cancellation policies, trip insurance, visa, and immunization requirements.
  • Travel agents study hard to become specialists and can connect you to local culture, unique hotels, hidden gems, and new experiences creating transformative travel.
  • Travel agents make your dollars travel further.
  • Travel agents are real people who are accessible in real life with real world destination experience.
  • Travel agents are globally connected to guides, tours, hotels, resorts, cruise lines, and airlines around the world and work hard to forge personal relationships with the people onsite that will make your trip unforgettable or assist you should problems arise.
  • Travel agents are passionate travelers first and foremost and will apply that passion to your own personal travel dreams.